ONE K 180

product description

Our ONE K • 180 scooter is intended for urban riders seeking to travel around the city care-free, in a way which is fun and safe. It is equipped with a fixed T-Bar and wide handlebars to best adjust to the rider and offer maximum comfort for daily use. It is available in 2 different options: with and without brake lever.

PU wheels

Large 180 mm wheels


EVA non-slip foam


Revolutionary Kleefer folding system

 Revolutionary design & conception

The ONE K • 180 scooter combines style and innovation to revolutionise urban transport for adults. Equipped with the easy and quick kick Kleefer piston folding system, the scooter effortlessly folds up in one second with a simple kick on the pole’s pedal to turn it into ‘trolley’ mode.

advantages of a ONE K 180 scooter​

 Lightness and strength

Sturdiness for an intensive use

Scalable and practical

User comfort

Performance and longevity

 Revolutionary design

Quality of the rolling parts

Composite deck

 Ergonomics of the handles

Long-covered rear brake